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UNEB: Uganda National Examination Board
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Ntinda Office:
35 Martyrs Way, Ntinda
P.O.Box 7066
Tel: 256-414-286635/6/7/8
Fax: 256-414-289397

Kyambogo Office:
8-13 Kyambogo Road
Tel:  256-312-260753
Fax: 256-414-287832

Public Relations
PR is a function of the office of the Executive Secretary of any organization. The chief executive, however delegates it to a lower office.

  • Attends to procedural and routine inquiries from stakeholder organizations and general public.
  • Prepare material for information dissemination in mass media.
  • Conduct basic studies and surveys on impact into discussion stakeholders and public.
  • Participate in preparations of UNEB publications e.g Newsletters.
  • Build positive corporate image of UNEB.
  • Participate in preparation of the Budget and Business Plans.
  • Develop guidelines and procedures for disseminating information of general policy, plans and activities of UNEB.
  • Recommend on mitigation of negative publicity.
  • Coordinate PR awareness programmes including protocol and corporate image building.
  • Respond to specific and complicated inquiries and queries from public and stakeholders.
  • Authorize the publication or any other methods of disseminating information about the Board.
AEAA Members
The success story of the Association for Education Assessment in Africa (AEAA) Cannot be complete without acknowledging the positive contributions of member nations across the African continent.

In line with the constitution of the Association, members have pooled rescources to foster cooperation amongst Examining and educational Assessment bodies for the sustainable development of individual nations in particular and the African continent in general.

Similarly,concerted efforts have been made towards the sponsorship of International participation in the field of educational testing / examining as well as commissioning / coordinating research projects.

Needless to say that the Association has offered members a suitable forum for sharing experiences on issues of evaluation and assessment while serving as a veritable vehicle for improvement on assessment,testing and examining within the individual member countries.

For more information and list of members. Click here to download.
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