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Ntinda Office:
35 Martyrs Way, Ntinda
P.O.Box 7066
Tel: 256-414-286635/6/7/8
Fax: 256-414-289397

Kyambogo Office:
8-13 Kyambogo Road
Tel:  256-312-260753
Fax: 256-414-287832

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MY Diploma certificate

Building and civil engineering : 2011-08-20

I would like to know if it is possible for me to get my certificate from UNEB office,I finished in Bushenyi technical college in 1998....View reply»»

UCE results

Secondary "O" level : 2011-08-24

Could you please explain the UCE grading system to me? Aggregates, divisions, credits, distinctions, etc. What do these terms mean? Thank you, Alison ....View reply»»

Computer Studies

Computer Studies : 2011-08-26

I want to know the reason as why Computer Studies teaching text books are not many and approved to be used in O'level. I suggest that you come up with a clear curriculum and teaching syllabus to be used by all the schools teaching computer Studies....View reply»»

Theory & Drawing,Science & calculation and Practical

Carpentry &Joinery : 2011-08-29

Iwould like to see the results that is for 2004.Because Iam away from the country.....View reply»»

Mature entry to university

: 2011-09-01

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to join a university in Uganda to undertake a degree course in pharmacy having a diploma. I was informed that i have to submit my Kenyan results to UNEB before admission to the university. Do i have to come to Uganda or can i send them via online?....View reply»»

UACE certificates 2008

: 2011-09-01

hello thank yo for alll the work you are doing, but my inquiry is when UACE 2008 certificates will be ready as am an international student in malayisa procedding to 3rd year but cannot sit exams due to absence of the said certificates and am wondering when they will be realeased? the urgency of the certificates is paramount to finishing my degree. ....View reply»»


Alevel : 2011-09-01



UCE RESULTS 2010 : 2011-01-24

Dear sir/Madam, I've a sister who sat for UCE in the year 2010, how can i've access to knowing her results while in Sudan using the SMS since there is MTN Sudan? Is there another way of accessing her results via the internet when the results are out? Thanks.....View reply»»

Technical results

EDUCATION : 2011-09-02

when will the technical colleges' exam results for 2011 be seleased.....View reply»»

PLE results

: 2011-09-07

Dear/Madam, Please help me:I need to access my PLE results,I sat In 1997 in Awindiri Primary school in Arua District-Northern Ugandan ....View reply»»


results : 2011-09-08

I sat under U0004/175 in 1990.I find it had to believe my results.I have approached you and you are turning a deaf ear!Am on 0772354281....View reply»»

UACE equivalence in % of marks

: 2012-06-18

We want to know how Uganda Certificate of Education (S4) 'O' level is equivalent to Xth standard of India and Uganda advanced Certificate of Education (S6) 'A' level is equivalent to Indian XIIth Standard. E.g does A mean % 80-100, B mean 70-80 C meam 60-70 D mean 50-60 E mean 40-50 ? Please advise and give solution. Commercial / Education Section High Commission of India Kyadondo Road, Nakasero Kampala Send reply to ; Best regards, Commercial Section....View reply»»


Water engineering : 2011-09-16

My son repeated the diploma course in water engineering in 2010 june. He sat the exam in kichwamba but the school said it never received the results from UNEB. We have visited UNEB offices in kampala several times in the last year now the have told him to register again who can we now approach. there has been no allegation of malpractise . Results lost is what we are hearing.....View reply»»

Verification certificate

inquiry : 2011-09-22

Dear Sir/Madam I applied for further studies at KIU Dar es Salaam, but I was told my "O" level Certificate is fake. I sat in 2000 at Bigyera Hall Ibanda. How can I prove to them. My names are Ninyesiga Alex ....View reply»»

Re-sitting A'level

: 2011-09-23

Hello, I would like o find out, if one would like to re-sit A'level. How long ago should the person have been out of school for them to be accepted to sit? I really want to re-sit A'level.....View reply»»


Primary : 2011-09-24

Please how can l also officiate P.L.E OR be an Examiner? I've applied to mark maths 9 times but all in vein yet i passed with D1in coll.& C3 in s. And my friend is an examiner with F9 in math.Should i say better be lucky than wise?....View reply»»


student : 2011-09-28

I want to know my UCE results of year 2010. ....View reply»»


secretary : 2011-09-28

What are the terms and conditions for equating the UCE results to Kenyan starndard?....View reply»»


UNEB : 2011-10-07



UACE : 2011-10-10

Hullo, Is it possible to get the entire syllabus for a PEM/Ent student? will be very glad to get your guidance on this topic. John.....View reply»»

Past Papers

Director, Brudo Model P/S : 2011-10-12

I would like to access the past examinations papers of Uganda Primary Schools....View reply»»


student : 2011-02-04

Why can't uneb open some centers in sudan?.....View reply»»

certifying documents

: 2011-10-21

I would like to know the procedure of certifying my documents,the fees to pay and how long it takes to have them certified. Thank you.....View reply»»

computer studies

computing : 2011-02-06

i want to read on uneb pastpapers of computer studies....View reply»»


I would like to see results for Water Engineering 2011 for Uganda Technical College Elgon....View reply»»

results in kenya

uce : 2011-02-06

dear sir/madam kindly how can kenyans use the sms thing to get results.thank you ....View reply»»

my certificate

uce : 2011-10-23

can i get my certificate by sending a person ther at uneb or i have to come myself to look for it?because i studied in kamapla at o level.i need to know if i shoul come or i send a person whom i trust....View reply»»

Uce 2010 results

Secondary : 2011-02-08

Dear sir/madam what are the sms number to access the results.Ope to hear from you soo.....View reply»»

: 2011-02-08

What is the general performance of students and schools in the 2010 UCE just released?- a parent in Namagunga College....View reply»»


uce 1302 : 2011-02-08

am dos of HARAMBE KAHARO HIGH SCHOOL ineed results for 2010 senior four....View reply»»


ARTS : 2011-02-08


UCE Certificate

: 2011-02-09

My brother scored 62 aggregates, will he get a certificate inorder to join a tertiary institute....View reply»»


Arts : 2010-10-06

Pliz Sir/Madam, if somebody makes a mistake while printing his/her index no. in paper VI art, just only in the last character like putting 6 instead of 8, can this affect his/her grade provided the name is correct?....View reply»»

Converting My UACE results into GPA

Education : 2011-03-12

Can UNEB convert my UACE results into GPA because i want to study from the US but they told it requires me to first convert my results into GPA. Help me and tell me the procedure if its posible. Thanks....View reply»»

social studies

social studies : 2011-03-13

when are we seating for 2011 P.L.E?....View reply»»


: 2011-03-17

Hallo, i completed my O levels in 92 Mary Repatrix Bugonga and my A levels @ Namasagali 96/97, dont remember my index numbers and am leaving in Germany now but would like to persue further studies is it possible to send me copies of my results on my email....View reply»»


student : 2011-03-29

Dear Sir/Madam I am a Tanzanian student completed my o-level secondary school at Greenville High School-Mukono year 2008.This year I'm expecting to join university or college here in Tanzania but when applying for the TCU (Tanzania Commssion for University)so that they can select for you the college or university to go,in your applications processes,your supposed to have the O-Level certificate!...that's why I'm asking when our O-level certificates will be out so tha I should not miss the school this year????....The applications will starts from 30th April 2011... Please I really need the emmidiate answer as soon as possible.Thanks.....View reply»»


PLE : 2011-04-05

I sat for PLE in 1993 at Binyiny primary school in the then Kapchorwa District and now Kween District. I do not remember my Index no. and details of my results. May you please avail me with the details. Thank you.....View reply»»


: 2011-04-06

Greetings, could you please help me with information regarding the background of UNEB and why it was implemented in Uganda, its achievements and procedures of how one can offer services to improve on its operations. thanks....View reply»»

Certificate of Exam Results-A level

Examinations : 2011-04-06

How can I have the A level results of my nephew sent by UNEB to a University in the USA soonest.Also advise on the cost of the service.....View reply»»



I wish to know how much does it cost to register candidates per each head at O and at A Level including the form. ....View reply»»

Certificate replacement

Department : 2011-04-19

I lost my certificates and other documents on my way to Kampala. Is it possible to get my orginals back. I have the photocopies of my certificates.....View reply»»

Computer exams

Computer Dept : 2011-04-27

Please UNEB I think that this time round you should not set a very hard computer exam for our school no one got a D1 Atleast let us perform well this time....View reply»»

D203 Business Finance

Business and Technical : 2011-05-20

I would like to locate the UNEB Past Paper June-July 2010 via your website.I visited your sales offices at communications house and the paper was out of stock. what can i do? Thank you.....View reply»»

need to know my results

Uneb : 2011-05-26

how can i see or know my resuls through the computer ....View reply»»


secondary : 2011-05-26

dear sir/madam i wud like to know the equivalence of the uce certificate to canada's system and the grade to marks equivalence. thank you....View reply»»


education : 2011-05-29

Does a pass of stage 1,2,3 from a tertiary institution make an equivalent os s4 and s6?. What are the key subjects one is mandated to pass at each stage? Thank you.....View reply»»

UNEB Grading System

Grading : 2011-06-14

Could you please send me a break down of UNEB Grading System for A levels....View reply»»

a levels

UNEB : 2011-06-29

How can i convert or know the equavilent of my 'o levels and my a levels which i took in uganda recently and entered the u.k so is their a website or anything which i can see my results and compare my results in the u.k for further studies. thanks....View reply»»

Diploma and certificates

Business education : 2010-10-30

I appreciate the services rendered to all Ugandans i inclusive, i would like to inquire about how one can access his National certificate(2005/2007)and National Dip. (2009/2010)pass slips b`se no one can prove that you sat for UNEB without a supporting document.thanks....View reply»»

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