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Ntinda Office:
35 Martyrs Way, Ntinda
P.O.Box 7066
Tel: 256-414-286635/6/7/8
Fax: 256-414-289397

Kyambogo Office:
8-13 Kyambogo Road
Tel:  256-312-260753
Fax: 256-414-287832

: Secondary : Guidelines On Registration

The registration of candidates for the year 2010 UCE and UACE Examinations is set to start on 1st March and close on 30th April 2010 for Normal registration. Late Registration with 50% surcharge will close on 31st May 2010.  All candidates under USE are expected to have registered by 30th April 2010.  The following points should be carefully noted by both the Head of School (Centre) and candidates when carrying out the registration:


    There is no age limit for candidates taking the UCE and UACE examinations.

UCE:    Only candidates who have passed PLE (grades 1, 2, 3, and 4) or its equivalent and have attended a full lower secondary (i.e. Ordinary Level) may be registered for UCE examination.  Present certified photocopies of PLE result slips of 2006 or earlier at registration.  A candidate who is above 20 years of age and does not have PLE results may be allowed to register for UCE examinations as an ADULT PRIVATE CANDIDATE without considering his/her PLE result, with special permission from the Executive Secretary, UNEB.

UACE:    Only candidates who have passed UCE (Grades 1, 2, 3, and 4) and obtained the Uganda Certificate of Education, or an equivalent qualification, and have pursued an Advanced Level course of at least two years can be registered for UACE examination.  Present certified photocopies of UCE result slips at registration.

(i)    Candidates who do not have result slips must have their results VERIFIED by UNEB before registration.
(ii)    Candidates who sat foreign examinations must present photocopies of the converted/equated version of their results by UNEB at the time of registration.
(iii)    Heads of Centres must ensure that candidates DO NOT present
forged documents at registration by checking them thoroughly.  Anybody caught with forged documents will be arrested and prosecuted.

(a)    Entry Forms are obtainable at UNEB offices, Ntinda at 5000/= (five thousand shillings only) per form.  Each candidate is strictly entitled to only one entry form.  Do not submit photocopies of entry forms or use balances of the previous years.
(i)    The minimum number of candidates to be registered by a center is 10 at each level (UCE & UACE).  Centers with less than 10 candidates should seek permission from the Executive Secretary, UNEB, to register under other centers as school private candidates.
(ii)    Do not collect entry forms and register candidates beyond the maximum capacity assigned to your center by UNEB, except after re-inspection and expansion of your center capacity, or with special permission from the Executive Secretary, UNEB.  This applies to USE schools as well.

(b)     Accuracy of Candidates Registration

It is the responsibility of the candidates and Heads of Centres to ensure that their entries are in order and correctly recorded on the entry forms.  Candidates must read the instructions at the back of the entry forms very carefully before filling the forms.

(c)     The entry forms must be filled by each candidate personally, using 2B Art Pencil only.  The entry forms must not be creased, stapled or folded.  In case of any error to be corrected in the shading, use a piece of rubber to carefully erase the error without making the forms dirty.  Do not use correcting fluid on the entry forms.

Headteachers are advised to keep photocopies of duly filled entry forms for checking the draft registers and underprotest cases.  This practice saves time and money.

(d)    Candidates names must be properly written in capital letters within the square boxes, one letter per box, leaving one box between each name/or initial in PART 1 and shaded letter by letter in the corresponding circles.  Avoid shading more than once on the same vertical row of letters or skipping rows.  Special attention must be paid to correct spelling of candidates names.

    (i)       For UCE the names must be the same as they are on PLE result slips.
    (ii)      For UACE the names must be the same as those on UCE Result slips or certificates.
    (iii)      No name that was not on PLE/UCE result slips or certificates should be added or left out.  In case of any error on the slips/certificates, it must be corrected by the Examination Body before registration because no alteration of spelling or change of name shall be accepted after registration.

(e)    The correct age, entry code, gender, funding, disability and district code in PART 2 should be properly filled and shaded for the corresponding categories of candidates.

NB:    All candidates from the same center must fill the same district code, i.e. where the School/Centre is located.  District codes are appended at the end of this circular.

(i)    The different entry codes for UCE candidates are as follows:        
       CODE 1:  for school candidates and private school candidates sitting for the first time
       CODE 2:  for school candidates repeating the examination
       CODE 3:  for purely private candidates sitting for the first time
       CODE 4:  for private candidates repeating the examination
       CODE 0:  for visually impaired candidates sitting for the first time or as repeaters.

(ii)    The different entry codes for UACE    candidates are as follows:
       CODE 5:  for school candidates and private school candidates sitting for the first time
       CODE 6:  for school candidates repeating the examination
       CODE 7:  for visually impaired candidates sitting for the first time or as repeaters
       CODE 8:  for purely private candidates sitting for the first time
       CODE 9:  for private candidates repeating the examination.
(iii)       Entry codes for disabilities/special needs A-G must be filled by all candidates in their  
respective categories.  These should be accompanied with separate written explanations for categories A-F.

(f)      Subject/Paper Codes    

Candidates should be informed about the correct subject/paper codes in PART 3 where schools offering optional papers apply (CRE, IRE, Science, Art, TD, etc).  Candidates should also be informed of compulsory subjects i.e. at UCE 112 English Language, 456 Mathematics and core science subjects (535 Physics, 545 Chemistry and 553 Biology) and at UACE S101 General Paper that they must shade.  Special attention must be given to subjects with optional papers.
There are THREE options of PRACTICAL PAPERS in 535 Physics, 545 Chemistry and 553 Biology.  Therefore, where the number of candidates for practicals (535/3, 545/3 and 553/2) is too large to be handled in a day, some candidates can be registered for option 535/4,5; 545/4,5 and 553/3,4.  The minimum number of candidates for each option is 10.  A centre should not have more than THREE SHIFTS of candidates for any practical paper in a day.

    It should be noted that 241 History has the following independent papers:
    241/1       Paper One    East Africa (Compulsory)
    241/2       Paper Two    West Africa
    241/3       Paper Three    Central Africa
    241/4       Paper Four    South Africa

A candidate must offer Paper One and any other one paper from options 2-4, by shading only one of the optional papers.

Candidates registering for IPS subjects (612 Art and Design, 654 Textile Science and Garment construction, 665 Foods and Nutrition, 736 Mechanical Practice, 745 Building Practice and 753 Electrical Practice) must be those who have been studying the subjects.  The IPS subjects must not be confused with the traditional similar subjects and taken concurrently.  Candidates offering 612 Art and Design must register for Paper 1 and any other 3.

(i)    UCE School candidates and private school candidates must register for a minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 subjects.  These subjects must include:  Group I (English Language), Group V (core science subjects), at least one subject chosen from each of the groups II (Humanities), IV (Mathematics).  Visually impaired candidates may offer 500 General Science and/or 527 Agriculture in Group V.  Candidates with other special needs/disabilities must get clearance from the Executive Secretary, UNEB, on presentation of written explanations from the headteacher.
Private candidates attending full time lessons in licensed or registered schools by the Ministry of Education and Sports must register for a minimum of 8 and maximum of 10 subjects (which must include the core science subjects); while Repeaters may register for one or more subjects but not exceeding 10.

Purely private candidates register for minimum of 8 subjects and maximum of 10 subjects.

(ii)UACE candidates must register for General Paper and EITHER
    4 Principal subjects OR
    3 Principal subjects and 1 subsidiary subject OR
    3 Principal subjects.
        Repeaters and Private candidates should register for General Paper and at least one Principal subject or any of the above combinations.  No candidate should register for a total of more than 5 subjects including General Paper (maximum is 5 subjects).

In no case can a student attending a recognized school by MOES be accepted for examination as a pure private candidate.

NB:    Candidates offering P615 Art at UACE must register for four papers including at least one from each group A and B and not more than two from group A (paper 1, 2 and 3).  Check carefully that candidates choices of subjects comply with the regulations stated in the syllabus.

Candidates are advised to avoid selecting more than one subject from groups that are normally timetabled together. UACE candidates are particularly advised to avoid combining Science subjects with Arts subjects, e.g. Sciences with Languages, Physics with Geography, etc (Refer to 2009 timetable).

(g)    Citizenship and PLE/UCE details in PARTS 4 and 5 must be properly filled by each Candidate.  Indicate your citizenship by shading only one of the listed options.
(h)    Index Numbers

(i)    Give index numbers in PART 2 systematically, without skipping any index numbers for candidates who are absent or have not filled entry forms.  Index numbers for UCE start with 001, while those for UACE start with 501 onwards, after writing the center number.
(ii)    Candidates must not share index numbers.
(iii)    A candidate must not have more than one index number, i.e. he/she must fill in only one form.
(iv)    Do not substitute or alter the names and subject choice of already registered candidates.
(v)        Any additional candidate must be given the next index number on your registration list.

(i)    Each Entry Form must be duly signed by both the candidate and School (Centre) Head and sealed with the School/Official Stamp in PART 6 without which the forms shall not be accepted for registration.  You are reminded that the official stamp should not extend to the margin of the Entry Form.    

NB:    Candidates well developed permanent signatures, and not names or initials should be used where they are to sign personally.  Initials and names will not be accepted for signatures.   No other person must sign for a candidate.  Blind candidates can use thumb prints.  Candidates must be able to reproduce the same signatures whenever required.

(j)    Each Centre should submit a typed list of the candidates with their corresponding index numbers, names, gender, entry code, age and total number of subjects offered by each candidate, when returning the Entry Forms to UNEB for registration.  These must correspond with those on entry forms and albums.

(k)    Where there are blind or visually impaired candidates, another list of such candidates (extracted from the main list) indicating their index numbers, names, gender, whether totally/partially blind, subjects and papers, should be submitted separately to UNEB at the time of registration.  Indicate whether a candidate needs Braille or enlarged print.  For enlarged print, please state the font size.    

(i)    Visually impaired candidates should not register for Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Home Science, Art and Technical subjects.  They must register at least for 500 General Science or 527 Agriculture in addition to other subjects.
(ii)    It must be emphasized that Entry codes for blind candidates are 0 for UCE and 7 for UACE and only these should be used.    
iii)    Candidates must fill in the disability codes (A-G).  Candidates with Special Needs/Disability must have separate written explanations about the type of disability which must be submitted to UNEB at the time of registration.


(a)    Each candidate must provide three identical current passport size photographs (black and white only) with full face and both ears showing.  The Head of Centre should buy  two plastic spring files for keeping the photographs.  One set of the copies of photographs with the candidates index numbers and names at the back, should be carefully glued in ascending order of index numbers as on entry forms from smallest to largest numbers in one plastic spring file, and the second set in the second plastic spring file, and all the pieces of information filled carefully e.g.




Index No.U0001/001

Name: Akello Rose

Sex:   Female   Age 20



School Candidate                   Private School Candidate  


Purely Private Candidate                              USE                 NON USE

(tick in appropriate space) 





signature                        Date

(i)The above forms are issued together with the Computer Entry Forms.  Photocopies of the photograph forms may be used to register late entry candidates.  The third copy of the passport size photograph should be reserved by the Head of Centre/School for UACE Photo Collection Forms which will be issued later.

(ii)    Manilla folder files can only be used for keeping photographs when registering additional candidates.

(b)    The front cover of the file should be clearly labeled, indicating the center number and name, examination level and year of examination e.g.

Centre No.U0001
Centre Name: Aga Khan H.S.
Examination Level: UCE
Year of Examination: 2010
Station Code: 235 District code:15
Copy: UNEB.

(c)    One file containing the photographs with complete information should be submitted to UNEB at the time of registration.  The second copy should be kept by the Head of Centre.  Any entry forms submitted without these photographs shall not be accepted for registration.

(i)    The photographs glued in the two files must be of those candidates to sit for the examination. The photographs must show the current likeness of the candidates at the time of registration.
(ii)    Be careful not to interchange or fix wrong photographs
(iii)    Candidates must maintain the same names and signatures in the albums as those on the entry forms.


(a)    In addition to the above mentioned points, it should be noted that Centres branded as Private Halls register candidates as  such Centres may register up to 150 candidates only except with special permission from the Executive Secretary, UNEB.

(b)    Private Halls managed by DIS/DEO must register candidates for General Science, but not Pure Sciences (Agriculture, Physics, Chemistry, Biology) Home Sciences, Art Paper 6 and Technical subjects involving practicals, except with special permission from the Executive Secretary, UNEB.  Such halls must register purely private candidates but not school candidates attending full time lessons in schools licensed or registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports.  This is because Halls have no facilities such as laboratories, workshops and specialists to set the apparatus and try out the experiments.

Private Halls managed by the Area Supervisors or attached to schools with recognized UNEB centers may register private candidates for pure/core sciences, but not Art Paper 6.


Registration of students from other Schools without UNEB Examination Centre Numbers  by Schools with UNEB Examination Centre Numbers to sit Examinations in their Centres, has been abolished.  No school with UNEB center number will be allowed to register candidates from a school without UNEB Centre Number, except with special permission from the Executive Secretary, UNEB.  Such candidates must register for core science subjects, be given Entry Code 1, be declared as private school candidates and pay private candidates fees at registration.

Heads of Centres (except Private Halls) who do not seek permission to register private candidates or do not declare them at registration time will be considered for disciplinary action, which may include withdrawal of the centre number or an extra surcharge.

(a)    The two copies of the Summary of Entries Sheet given to you should be studied carefully and filled accurately to facilitate packaging of question papers.  Special attention should be paid to option subject/papers (224/2-5, 241/2-4, 535/3-5, 545/3-5, 553/2-4, 610/1-7, 612/1-7, 735/2&3 at UCE; and P210/1-6, P235/1-4, P245/1-4 and P615/1-7 at UACE).

(i)    Fill the year of sitting the Examination, Centre Number and Name, District Code and Name, Total Candidates, HeadTeachers Name, Signature and Stamp.

(ii)    Fill the columns to indicate the numbers of candidates registered for each subject and for each of the papers of the subject.

(iii)    Total up the numbers of candidates registered for the subjects.  

Your entries will be incomplete without this sheet.

NB:    Both copies of the summary of entries sheet, duly filled, must be submitted to UNEB during the registration of candidates.  Centres may keep a photocopy.

(b)    Ensure that all information required on the Entry Forms, Summary of Entries Sheet, and List of Candidates are as accurate as possible by checking them thoroughly.  Accuracy of results depends on accuracy of Entries.  Try to be particular, and support UNEB to serve you better.

(c)    Photocopies of summary sheets may be used for late entries.  Headteachers should submit all late entries in one batch.
(d)    Stamp all the pages of your documents (Entry forms, List of candidates, Summary of Entries and albums).


The registration fees for both UCE and UACE 2010 has been indicated in a separate detailed circular.

(a)Closing Date for Registration

Heads of Centres should make sure that all candidates registered at their Centres, fill the Entry Forms before the deadline of 30th April 2010 for normal and 31st May 2010 for late registration.

NB:    All USE candidates are expected to have registered by 30th April 2010.

Critically observe the closing dates for normal and late registration of candidates, because the Board will not accept registration of candidates after the deadline.  Late conversion of results from other examination bodies will not be considered as a valid reason for late registration.

Centres awaiting inspection results for Expansion must register candidates up to current ceiling before deadline.

(b)    Payment for Examination Fees
The Entry forms are accepted for registration only on full payment of Examination fees that should be in bank draft form (not cash or cheque), payable to UGANDA NATIONAL EXAMINATIONS BOARD.  Write the centre number and name at the back of the bank draft. Only the summaries accompanied by bank drafts will be checked.

(i)    The completed Entry Forms, together with the Summary of Entries Sheets, List of candidates, Photographs and Bank Draft should be brought to UNEB Offices at Ntinda by the Head of School or Centre.  Please DO NOT send entry forms through Parents/Guardians or Candidates, or send the forms by Post or any Delivery Agency to UNEB Offices for registration because they will NOT be accepted for processing.

(ii)    Have your own breakdown of the amount of money expected at the bottom of the candidates list.













Late surcharge






(iii)    Write the Centre Number, Name of Centre, Total Number of candidates and District at the back of the returning envelope.  Use the same UNEB envelope provided at the time of collecting entry forms.  When registering additional candidates, you can use ordinary envelope.

(iv)    Do not re-issue any Entry Forms issued to your Centre to other Centres because each Head of Centre is accountable for the number of forms collected.

(v)    Entry forms remain the property of UNEB and any balances should be returned to UNEB by the last date of registration.


    (a)    Transfer

    Transfer of registered candidates from one Centre to another is discouraged by the Board, except in some very special circumstances such as war or natural disasters.  Suspension and dismissal of students do not fall under these special circumstances.  In case a candidate has to transfer, a written permission must be obtained from the Executive Secretary, UNEB by 31st August 2010.  There is a transfer fee of Shs100,000/= per candidate to be paid.

    Heads of Centres are advised not to accept any candidate from other Centres to transfer to their Centres without written authority from the Executive Secretary, UNEB.  Heads of Centres who accept or encourage illegal transfer of candidates will be considered for disciplinary action and such candidates will not get their results.

    (b)    Withdrawal

All cases of withdrawal must be notified to the Board in writing by the Heads of Centres by 31st August 2010.  The reasons for withdrawal must be clearly stated. Any withdrawal after this date shall not be accepted.

If a candidate has withdrawn his/her candidature, the index number of such a candidate should not be given to another candidate.  Examination fees are not refundable after withdrawal.


It is becoming increasingly difficult to identify candidates during examination time.  Identity cards are issued as late as on the day of sitting the first paper.  UNEB will accept as valid, only identity cards issued not later than the last date of registration  31st May 2010.


    Draft Registers will be ready by 15th July 2010.  Heads of Centres or their representatives should collect draft registers from Area Supervisors beginning 15th July 2010.  Kampala centers must collect draft registers from UNEB offices, Ntinda Annex.  Corrections to the draft registers must be delivered to UNEB Office Ntinda Annex not later than 31st July 2010.

NB:    Registering for UNEB Examinations assumes that you have understood and are in full agreement with the regulations and these guidelines.
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