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Ntinda Office:
35 Martyrs Way, Ntinda
P.O.Box 7066
Tel: 256-414-286635/6/7/8
Fax: 256-414-289397

Kyambogo Office:
8-13 Kyambogo Road
Tel:  256-312-260753
Fax: 256-414-287832

Report on Work of Candidates
1 : Report on work of Candidates UCE 2009 »» Download
The 2009 UCE Report on Work of Candidates (RWC) analyses in detail candidates’ performance in the UCE examination. The main purpose of the report is to provide a feedback (backwash) on the candidates’ performance in the subjects they sat during the UCE examination. It focuses on how the candidates responded to the questions set for a given subject examination. The focus centres mainly on the questions the candidates found difficult. Such questions are identified, discussed possible causes of candidates’ mistakes pointed out and expected responses in some cases given. .... more»»
2 : Report on Work of Candidates UACE 2009 »» Download
The 2009 UACE Examinations Report on the Work of Candidates (RWC) analyses in detail the candidates’ performance in the examination papers they sat during the November/ December Examinations. The RWC points out topical areas of the curriculum not adequately taught/covered during the course of teaching as evidenced by candidates’ poor responses/answers in these content areas. It gives advice/recommendations on how such topical areas could be managed or taught better with the view to improve the teaching- learning process in general. It is hoped that both students and teachers in schools will find the information contained in this RWC useful. And, also, that it creates a professional avenue for teachers to share experiences on topics that students find difficult to understand. .... more»»
3 : Report on Work of Candidates PLE 2009 »» Download
The PLE 2009 Report on Work of Candidates .... more»»
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