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Ntinda Office:
35 Martyrs Way, Ntinda
P.O.Box 7066
Tel: 256-414-286635/6/7/8
Fax: 256-414-289397

Kyambogo Office:
8-13 Kyambogo Road
Tel:  256-312-260753
Fax: 256-414-287832

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  • Primary Leaving Examination : PLE Certificate
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  • Center Requirements Below are the minimum requirements for a private Primary school to have, in order to be considered for a PLE centre number:



    Below are the minimum requirements for a private Primary school to have, in order to be considered for a PLE centre number:

    1.    The school should have original copies of the Certificate of Registration and License of Operation from the Ministry of Education and Sports

    2.    There should be proof of ownership.  There should therefore be a land title, a tenancy agreement or contract of not less than 5 years.

    3.    The headteacher of the school should be professionally trained, and qualified with a minimum qualification of grade III teachers certificate and 5 (five) years teaching experience.  She/he should be duly registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

    4.    There should be a least 7 (seven) permanent teachers on the staff excluding the headteacher and five of these should at least have attained a grade III teachers certificate.  They should also be registered by the Ministry of Education and Sports.

    5.    The School should have a hall or large classrooms, which can be used for examinations.  The windows and doors of these halls/rooms should have shutters.  Their floors should be cemented.  The roof should be free from leakage in case it rains.  Temporary or semi-permanent structures shall not be considered.

    6.    The school should have adequate furniture to be used during examinations.  Single-seater desks are preferred.

    7.    The headteacher’s office should be secure with lockable cupboards or drawers for storage of Question Papers/Scripts.  If the walls do not reach the roof, there should be a ceiling.  The Headteacher is not expected to share the office with any other persons.

    8.    Facilities such as the size of the Hall and quantity of furniture will determine the maximum number of candidates to be registered if the school is granted a centre number.

    9.    The school should be located in an environment which is conducive to learning and above all, examinations.  Good sanitation is also a requirement.

    10.    For any School to be considered for a PLE centre, it must be in position to register a minimum number of 15 (fifteen) candidates.

    11.    The applicants will be required to pay a non-refundable Inspection fee.

    The Proprietors and Headteachers are therefore expected to study carefully the above requirements because application forms will only be given to those who fulfill these requirements.

    NB: Return Application Forms to Room 45  
    UNEB Ntinda by the end of February 2010
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