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Ntinda Office:
35 Martyrs Way, Ntinda
P.O.Box 7066
Tel: 256-414-286635/6/7/8
Fax: 256-414-289397

Kyambogo Office:
8-13 Kyambogo Road
Tel:  256-312-260753
Fax: 256-414-287832

Research Reports
1 : Relationship Between Entry Qualifications and Candidates' Performance in the Ordinary Diploma in Engineering Courses.
This study investigates the relationship between entry qualifications and academic achievement of students in the Ordinary Diploma (OD) engineering courses in Technical Colleges in Uganda. These courses were introduced in the engineering disciplines in an attempt to meet the demands of manpower shortages in a developing economy like Uganda. However, the quality of graduates of these programmes does not seem to be meeting the expectations of employers in the civil service and industry, and the private sector. The performances of students in examinations in these courses have also been low and varied. The admission criteria to these courses are either Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) or the Advanced Craft Certificate obtained from Technical Schools. Given that the students are admitted from divegent programs, are the two groups of students' equivalent, in terms of academic achievements? Are the Advanced Craft students able to reach the same level of competencies, hence performance in examinations jst like the UACE level direct entrants and vice versa? Could it therefore,, be the effects of entry qualifications that are contributing to the low and varied perfomance? The objectives involved determining students' academic background and comparing it with their performance in the external examinations. In addition, investigation was carried out determine/ascertain the unique problems encountered by each group of students, and, possible interventions which may help improve performance at the Ordinary Diploma level. The research covered 4 (four) government Technical Colleges offering the Ordinary Diploma courses. A total of 4 Principals, 14 teachers and 458 students participated. The research adopted both the qualitative and quantitative techniques in analyzing the data obtained. A statistical analysis was carried out to determine if there was any difference in performance between the two groups of students. In determining whether there was any significant difference in performance, a two tailed t-test method of analysis was used. The analysis involved the use of STATA computer package. The critical alpha level of 0.05 was used to determine whether there was any significant difference between the performances of the two groups of students. From the results, statistical significant differences were noted between the two groups of students in some of the papers in the OD courses. The computed mean marks were significantly higher in Mathematics ans Science related papers for students admitted directly from UACE level. This implies that UACE level direct entrants performed better, on average, than their counterparts who had the Advanced Craft students were on the average better. This may be confirmed in the workshop practice and technology paper, offered in civil and building engineering course and production technology in mechanical engineering course. However these differences, though marked, were not statistically significant. The difference realized in the means could have therefore resulted from chance factors other than Entry qualifications as was originally hypothesized. .... more»»
2 : Analysis of Performance in the Sciences and Mathematics at UCE: The Gender Perspective By Florence Obong Capuc »» Download
Performance in the sciences and mathematics from the gender perspective was analysed with a view to suggesting strategies for bridging the gap in performance difference. Two theories were used to underpin the study: the Constructivism-Learning Theory and the Expectancy-Value Theory. .... more»»
3 : The persistence of malpractice in examinations conducted by uneb at the ple, uce and uace levels. »» Download
Uganda National Examinations Board has been conducting public examinations at the primary, secondary and some tertiary institutions in the country. Just as is common all over the world, the examination Board has faced a lot of challenges related to malpractice in her examinations. The results of candidates have always been cancelled and continue to be cancelled as a result of engagement in malpractice .... more»»
4 : Causes of poor performance in community polytechnic certificate examinations »» Download
A survey study design was used. The instruments consisted of questionnaires, interview schedules, observation checklists and documentary guideline schedules. The study population included head instructors, instructors, and students, officials from National Curriculum Centre (NCDC), Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), and chief examiners. Analysis of data was done qualitatively. .... more»»
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